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New Moon in Sidereal Gemini: Reconciling Freedom and Limitation

The current New Moon cycle that started yesterday (and lasts approximately four weeks) in sidereal Gemini is inviting us to heal the split between the left and right hemisphere of our brain – the split between linear and creative thinking, between our capacity to reason and our intuitive capacity.

During the Taurus cycle that has just ended we ‘ve had the opportunity to recognise the value of our essence and to align our actions accordingly or at least we have strongly felt the desire and need to do so.

The new cycle in Gemini is about learning to trust beyond our rational capacity: Now that we have aligned our actions with our desire to value and appreciate ourselves more deeply, we are invited to strengthen our faith in our inherent value and to take a leap beyond that which we can understand rationally. It is about learning that the challenges we face are not always problem solving opportunities, rather they can help us to recognise what we truly want and to take creative steps towards our vision.

Specifically during the next four weeks we are being asked to reconcile two seemingly irreconcilable energies: that of Freedom (associated with Gemini and its healing opportunity to move beyond duality, beyond the split of the left and right hemisphere of our brain) and that of Limitation (associated with Capricorn).

Read my astrological report below to find out more about the specific energies of this New Moon. If you want to discover how to best navigate the energies of this cycle, creating lasting change in your life contact me to book a coaching session.

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New Moon in Gemini sidereal Astrology report

Sunday 21 June 2020

A dance is taking place between the energies of Gemini (we have Sun, Moon and Mercury here) and Capricorn (where we have Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter). Gemini is freedom loving, goes beyond duality and rationality, it is the Creative Muse, magical and youthful. In its unhealthy expression it gets lost in thought and worry, it goes into things superficially and is noncommitted for fear of losing its freedom. Capricorn on the other hand is methodical, a structure builder and loves accomplishment. In its unhealthy expression it is set in its ways, overworks without enjoyment and is driven by perfection. The two sets of energies (Capricorn and Gemini) cannot be logically reconciled. Yet this New Moon provides us with the opportunity to do exactly that: to go beyond the linear approach of our rational mind and to open to the creative potential that lies within the dance between the two.

Saturn is still retrograde in Capricorn and in inconjunct aspect with the Sun and Moon in Gemini. We may be needing and aiming for more freedom yet there is a cost in order to accomplish it: we are being challenged to take on more responsibility and the steps to achieve our desired outcome are not straight forward nor familiar; to the point where it may feel like we must achieve the impossible. Moving forward will require us to take risks and to put in place new structures in order to achieve our goals.

Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn and they are both in retrograde. We are being invited to transform our beliefs around what we are capable of accomplishing and our ways of achieving our goals. With the same aspect we are also being asked to become more insightful than letting past experiences (such as past failures or limitations in relationship to what we are trying to achieve now) get in our way. Saturn being retrograde also confirms this.

We really need to take care to not get caught in trying to problem solve the situation through linear thinking. This challenge is about becoming creative. The risk is that we will get lost in overthinking situations that our mind cannot resolve (the unhealthy expression of Gemini).

Mercury who is in retrograde in Gemini is supporting us to access the creative part of our brain and at the same time he forms a trine with Ceres in Aquarius who prompts us to nourish our vision. This is a perfect time to connect with our vision and to identify the new structures that we need to put into place in order to accomplish what we want whilst having fun and enjoying the process!

Mars is in Pisces whilst in conjunction with Neptune (who is in Aquarius however) and is in square aspect with the Sun and Moon. This square warns us about our tendency to act impulsively when we are caught in the cycle of worry and outdated linear thinking. Instead the combination of Mars in Pisces in conjunction with Neptune is calling for inspired, intuitive action that stems from our vision for the future.

Do not let the perceived difficulties take away the fun of the experience of your creative process. It is not meant to be linear or straight forward. It is time to trust your vision, honour who you are and the value that you bring. The more you get behind yourself in such way the more effortless becomes the process that you need to follow towards the greater freedom that you want - no matter how unfamiliar it may be.

Blessings for building patiently towards greater freedom,



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