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New Moon Cycle in Sidereal Aries: What do we choose to protect?

Starting today for the next four weeks this New Moon cycle in sidereal Aries is inviting us to live in the present. Whilst "living in the present" is something that anyone with a spiritual practice is always cultivating, the Aries New Moon cycle in particular always offers us a healing opportunity in relationship to this theme.

As Zuzanna Vee writes in her series of articles about how we can make the Great Year Cycle a powerful healing experience (relevant link provided at the bottom), the Age of Aries (which began around 3000 BCE) was all about expansion of empire, the individual, and the fully formed patriarchy.

We heal our Age of Aries wounding through letting go of our future plans for “expanding our empire”, however this symbolically applies to each one of us and through living in the present and making the most of - or rather dare I say falling in love with - what we already have.

With the current Corona virus pandemic the future is becoming harder and harder to predict. “Living in the present” has kind of become the only available option to us. Even though it may not be obvious we have a powerful choice to make: are we going to let the feeling of powerlessness (stemming from fearing uncertainty) dictate our choices and behaviour? Or are we going to use this opportunity to claim our true power through attending to the only thing which we can actually be in charge of – our own state of being?

Aries as an archetype is the Warrior / Protector of the tribe. What will you choose to protect? The old fear-based paradigm that is potentially on the verge of collapse (within each individual and collectively) or are you going to protect the things that you truly, deeply love?

The next four weeks present a powerful portal for us to imagine a different world for ourselves and collectively. We have to start small, here, now, with what we already have.

What follows is my full astrological report on the specific energies of this New Moon. If you want to find out how you can personally best navigate the energies of this cycle get in touch with me.

Follow this link for Zuzanna Vee’s article on healing the age of Aries wounding

New Moon in Aries sidereal Astrology report

Thursday 23 April 2020

Uranus in in conjunction with the Sun and Moon in Aries whilst Saturn in Capricorn squares all three of them. Uranus brings sudden changes yet in this case they are either expected or are based on previous work / efforts due to the square with Saturn. Although Uranus tends to create impulses which we will experience in relationship to our goals (Sun) and at an emotional level (Moon) the square with Saturn means we cannot act on them due to external circumstances and warns us to not react as a result of the restriction.

Aries in an individualistic sign therefore the Sun and Moon here can represent ego-based goals and needs whereas Capricorn is a caregiving sign that serves the bigger picture. So Saturn here is imposing the collective needs over our individual goals and needs. The opportunity here is to accept Saturn’s imposition as an invitation to assess what is fear-based needs and goals in us and to let them go whilst recognising that instead we can take care of our aligned personal needs and goals through focusing on what truly matters.

We look to Venus (our values) who is in Taurus (brings spirit into the physical to enjoy) and is therefore asking us to stay grounded and to find joy and pleasure in the physical things that we do have. There is no better time to focus on (or even discover) the simple things that give us joy. Discover new pleasures through cooking, dancing, painting, planting things, creating music, whatever it is that is available to us already. Find pleasure in expanding your relationship with those things that you already have. Stop your thoughts when they extend to things that you can’t control or predict (more on that below). On the shadow side we run the risk of overeating or overindulging as a strategy for dealing with our fear / frustration. It is a time assess motives and deepen our relationship to pleasure as a vehicle for expanding our self-love as opposed to falling into indulgence as a replacement for our feeling of lack.

Neptune in Aquarius is in square with Venus. Neptune represents lack of boundaries, confusion, illusion, addiction. In his healthy expression he offers oneness with the Divine, dissolving all our conflict and separation. Aquarius is futuristic, humanitarian, the big picture. Neptune in challenging aspect with Venus (who also represents money – anything that has value for us) is warning us about our tendency of getting lost in thinking about the big picture / the future. This is an addictive fear-based pattern that is not serving us at this time. The measures due to the pandemic we are experiencing are severely affecting our economy and there is confusion (Neptune) about how our finances (Venus) are going to be shaped. Yet, through this collective challenge (death spreading at a global level) we have the opportunity to realise our unity at a much deeper level and for that to become the base of our future decisions and actions.

Mars is in trine (flowing aspect) with Venus. Mars represents the actions we take to meet our desires and he is in Capricorn who represents the responsible administration of our domain. Venus in Taurus desires beauty, pleasure through the physical. She wants our water, our soil, our air to be clean so we can enjoy beauty and abundance. We are asked to align our actions (Mars) with our values and desires (Venus) through extending our responsibility (Mars in Capricorn) to include the Earth and the wellbeing of our bodies (Taurus). This is a request, a choice (because of the trine aspect) it is not an obligation. It is up to us what we are going to choose and it applies on the personal level as much as the collective. Nevertheless it is a special opportunity in my opinion for empowerment. If you are an individual it is up to you to take responsibility of your self-care. Don’t expect someone else to do it for you – not the government, not your partner, not anyone.

This latter point is confirmed by the square of Mars to asteroid Eurydice. Eurydice ends up in the underworld through a snake bite and her partner Orpheus fails in his attempt to rescue her so she remains there. She is in Aries giving us access to what serves our self-interest. The healing of this cycle (as confirmed by all the above-mentioned aspects) includes us realising that our self-interest is to take care of the Earth and the wellbeing of our bodies as opposed to the old patriarchal paradigm established during the age of Aries when “self-interest” came to mean “fear-based egoic interest”.

What will you choose to protect or “fight for” during this time? We have a powerful choice now to heal the wounding from the old paradigm at a deeper level within ourselves, to strengthen our will and thus to empower ourselves. Any difficulties or frustration we may be experiencing are offering us the opportunity to do this if we are willing to look deeply. Do not look to anyone or anything outside of yourself to take care of you. You are the one.

Blessings for deeper love and self-care,



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