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New Moon cycle in Sidereal Gemini: Healing the Masculine / Feminine split

The New Moon cycle in Sidereal Gemini is about healing the Masculine / Feminine split in ourselves. A few days in (since the New Moon on the early Morning of the 13th) and I am already feeling the strength of this invitation.

For those of you who are fresh on this topic here are some of the qualities / values associated with each of these opposing / complementary energies: Masculine qualities include consciousness, logic, strength, divergence, the light. The Masculine principle is interested in function and achievement and it seeks freedom and emptiness, it is Mind-led. Feminine qualities include interconnection, intuition, beauty, convergence, the dark. The Feminine principle is interested in feeling, and relationships and it seeks intimacy and fullness, it is Emotion-led.

The way our culture teaches us to deal with any type of seemingly opposing qualities is by choosing one in the detriment of the other. For example common practice shows that being a high-achiever comes hand in hand with compromising relationships.

The New Moon in Gemini energies facilitate in healing this split. How it is done though is a mystery and we need to be prepared to enter it with openness and courage. Mercury (Hermes), the planet associated with the Gemini constellation is the sacred trickster. Serving as a Guide to the underworld, he is the only God who is allowed to freely travel between both worlds – upper and lower. He is a wisdom bringer and he is mischievous, playful, creative; he breaks the rules.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the traditional linear-thinking, short-term problem-solving approaches that we have been employing so far cannot address our current global challenges. The same applies for our individual challenges. Perhaps what has consistently worked for you in the past is no longer working. We need to become creative. We need to break some rules, not recklessly but purposefully and considerately. We need to learn how to consider both our minds and our hearts even if they are pointing to opposite directions.

I remember an instance round about this time last year (also during the Gemini New Moon cycle) when I was thinking of all the urgent things I had to achieve within a few hours and I couldn’t figure out how to go about it. I started feeling overwhelmed and I wanted to runaway and hide. My long-term pattern is to rush into whatever it is that I need to achieve with determination but also with a lot of stress. That time I felt so overwhelmed that it wasn’t even possible for me to do this. Then a moment of grace happened: I jumped into the car and went to the sea for a quick dip. It proved to be just the thing to do. My thinking cleared and I dealt with everything with ease and enjoyment. Going to the sea when the problem in my mind was that I didn’t have enough time was so out of character for me…

This time, I nearly did not write this blog... Before the last Sidereal Taurus New Moon cycle I began playing with the idea of writing a series of blogs inspired by the energies of each cycle. I wanted to write from my experience and not from what I know about these energies. The Taurus New Moon lent itself well for this purpose as it happened twice. This enabled me to use my experience of the first cycle to have my blog ready in time for the second one. As the Gemini New Moon was approaching I was at a loss. I felt I had nothing to draw upon. The New Moon came and went and I hadn't written anything so I almost let it go; until I thought… wait a minute… who says that I have to produce something in time for the New Moon day? The cycle lasts four weeks after all… This decision in itself provided the inspiration for the content of this blog.

In both my experiences above I had to act creatively and to break “rules” that I had made-up. I had to consider both what was in my mind and my heart but not identify with either.

Engage with the energies of Hermes consciously until the next New Moon cycle. Take a look at the challenges you are facing today and notice where the “split” is taking place. Is your mind saying one thing and your heart another? Take time to contemplate before responding or reacting to one or the other. Do something that you wouldn’t normally do, that is out of character. Persevere with your new choice, it will pay off.

With Blessings until next time,


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