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The Shiva Shakti Dance Meditation is an ancient temple art that has its origins in the tantric traditions of India.   

I offer this practice to women who want to connect with their essence and to unlock their creativity.

Our bodies carry trauma, accumulated throughout our lives. It shows up as tightness in our body which restricts both freedom of movement and our creative self-expression. Our ability to feel and navigate emotions is compromised - as is our connection to who we are, our intuitive knowing, and our health.    

This dance meditation develops the relationship between our Shakti, our inner Feminine and our Shiva, our inner Masculine. It connects us with our body sensations and feelings (Shakti) whilst awakening our spine (Shiva). When we get in touch with our feeling world we risk getting “lost” in it. We need to use the support of our spine to stay upright and to connect with our ground and vision. This way we can be open and available whilst strong and clear.  

It is a journey of awakening our inner Feminine and Masculine and the evolution of the dance between them; it is a journey towards wholeness.


I am currently offering weekly online Shiva Shakti classes.  Get in touch for more details. 

Tantric Dance Meditation

Shiva Shakti

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