• Daphne Kourkounaki

Practice being congruent during another New Moon in Sidereal Taurus

Today a second New Moon cycle begins in Sidereal Taurus (last month’s New Moon was at 0 degrees and this one is at 28 degrees Sidereal).

The Taurus cycle is about healing individual incongruences that arise through deep inner conflict. It is about becoming inwardly and outwardly congruent. In this blog I am exploring through my own experience how we may see this theme manifesting in our lives and how we could navigate the challenges. If you want to read specifically about the energy of the Taurus New Moon cycle and how it relates to the Astrological Age of Taurus follow the link at the bottom of this blog.

During this last Taurus cycle I was challenged yet again to surrender my ideas and expectations about how I want my life to be. The option was “either surrender or keep suffering”. It gave me the opportunity to align myself more deeply with my values around freedom and connection (i.e. to become more congruent).

Our ego always has certain ideas about what kind of things / people we need to have in our lives or how we need to be in order to have our deepest longings met. Common practice is that we become prisoners to these ideas. It doesn’t really matter if we appear to be succeeding at getting what (we think) we want or failing at it. In fact, in a paradoxical way if we appear to be failing at getting what we want, we perhaps stand a better chance at realising that we are in prison – but I am digressing. In any case, we are dependent on the thing / person / situation to feel fulfilled, safe, joyous or whatever else we are seeking to experience.

I am not in the slightest implying that we shouldn’t go after the things we want. Rather the real question is: can we go after these things just for the sake of the experience? Meaning, without being attached to a certain outcome and without being attached to the experience making us feel a certain way.

I assume that most of you have come across this enquiry before... but what does it really take to surrender the attachment? This is something that I personally have not often heard being talked about so I offer one of the things I have found helpful through my own experience:

Grief. Yes, grief often enables me to let go of things being a certain way. I start by first accepting that all I have is the here and now. Nothing more. Then, I allow myself to grieve for whatever I perceive to be unattainable in this moment. I grieve as long as it takes (sometimes more than once) until I actually feel deep enjoyment. Yes, enjoyment. Through this, I gain what feels like deep acceptance and appreciation for the present moment – it is like arriving home after a long and difficult journey. From here all my “wants” can exist but they have no impact on the quality of my experience. How can they? I am at home with myself. This is the only real place that exists within me and is always available should I know how to find my way. No external experience, no matter how good or bad, has its say here.

There is a little catch though. It is very important to view and accept our grief as a healthy expression of an energy that exists within us. Our ego is notorious for attaching stories to an experience we are having. If we attach to the “poor little me” story when we grieve then we risk being trapped in this story. Then our grieving starts to serve the perpetuation of the story rather than its letting go. So the “trick” is to become the witness in our grieving process: Like the compassionate parent is to the devastated child who nevertheless knows all is as it should be and that the grief is nothing but a natural, necessary expression of a specific energy that is to be released.

A tip for when you find it hard to shed a tear: sometimes when I feel “clogged up” and tears don’t come easily I pray. I pray for help to release my tears and I pray aloud (not just in my mind) like I mean it. This always works straight away.

By letting go wanting specific things so we can feel a certain way, our choices have no weight attached to them, they are free. We stop being consumed by our longing and therefore we are able to open to an experience more and be present. This ultimately enables us to make different choices on a moment by moment basis than we would have otherwise made. Life becomes more interesting as we are invited to engage different parts of our consciousness that are normally asleep for whatever reason. We feel more alive, more awake, more “here” regardless of what our external experience is.

To become present and awake without relying on anything external be it an experience, person or situation is possible and it is a massive deal (both in terms of difficulty and importance). I believe it is what we come to this life to experience ultimately. Cultivating this way of being has many implications not only on our personal lives but on the collective too – especially during these fast-changing times. However this could be part of a different blog...

With Love and blessings for the New Moon


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