Life Coaching sessions with me will support you to:


  • Align with your deepest values and desires so that you feel inspired and energised every day

  • Cultivate effortlessness and presence so that you can attract the right opportunities with ease

  • Embrace the unknown so you can confidently pursue your dreams

  • Discern authentic desire from old programming so that you can free up your energy and time and focus on what you truly love

  • Create a personalised map to implement what you want


Book a 20 minute Discovery Call with Daphne Free of charge

  • Send me an email to book a 20-minute discovery call Free of charge. If you then wish to receive support from me you can choose (depending on your needs) from:

  • Single 60-minute sessions as and when you need them at €59 per session

  • A 3-month one to one Life Coaching programme that includes 9 x 60-minute sessions at €495

What my clients say

I've just finished my 3rd one to one life coaching session with Daphne and I feel amazing: grateful and energised. Minutes after the call I took some actions I have been procrastinating about!


I've been confused about how to step forwards in the next stage of my work as transitioning from something I have outgrown where I have caused myself burn out and has left me with fear of taking the next steps. I know I want to move forwards yet this time in a more effortless way than the pushing and pressure that I am so used to! With her skillful holding Daphne creates a space that invites effortlessness and I am already taking steps towards my dreams with excitement whilst feeling connected to my body.


During my sessions with Daphne I feel heard and understood and her questions meet me in the moment. Her confident presence strengthens my own presence and the conversations help me to align more to my truth and what I really want to create in my life.


I'd highly recommend this beautiful person if you are wanting to transition and transform your life to align with your true values and desires”.

Rachel Jacobson, dance teacher & bodywork therapist, Bristol, UK


“When Daphne came into my life new pathways started to open up for me. On one hand I was feeling like I had everything one needs to feel happy and fulfilled materially and spiritually – a harmonious intimate relationship, pleasant work, a beautiful home – yet deep inside I felt restless and rather stuck. I wanted to take the next step towards my evolution and I felt frustrated because it felt impossible.


Through Daphne’s support I exposed myself to new creative ideas and possibilities that I had not been able to perceive until then. I felt both excited and fearful of the unknown path ahead. Daphne helped me to strengthen my confidence and trust in myself which grew bigger than the resistance towards the new.


Today, after almost two years of regular support from Daphne I am watching my intentions, which seemed difficult and scary at the start, flourishing abundantly”.

Eledina Palasoglou, artist, Crete, Greece.

Life Coaching for personal Fulfillment and Freedom

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