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Astrology Readings using Goddess Astrologya channeled system of Self-knowledge that uses the Western Sidereal Zodiac

When you have a personal reading with me you will discover:

  • The fastest path to your personal fulfillment 

  • Clarity about your key life’s decisions

  • What vitalises and empowers you

  • How to achieve balance in your intimate relationships

  • What nourishes and supports you when you feel overwhelmed and vulnerable

Book an appointment with Daphne

Natal (birth) or Solar Returns (yearly influences from birthday to birthday) €175 / 90 minutes

Transits (current influences) €80 / 60 minutes (applies only to returning clients for whom I have already read their natal chart)

Natal + basic Transits €235 / 120 minutes


  • Send me an email with place, date and time of birth. For Solar Return charts I also need to know the location you are going to be at on your next birthday.

  • We will then set the time and date for your reading and arrange for payment.

  • You will also receive a recording of your reading along with your chart.


What my clients say

" My reading was insightful, visionary, encouraging, cell-shifting and - most importantly - trustworthy. I've returned to my notes many times to feel both soothed and urged onwards in difficult times, and in times when there's been an interesting turn in the enquiry. I wholeheartedly recommend Daphne for your astrology reading. Trust that it will be a great conversation with a great ally, and more than worth its weight."

Hele Oakley - Mentor & Graphic Designer, Wales, UK



“When i approached Daphne for a reading I was longing to get some clarity and reflection on the direction of my ‘life path' and the best places to focus my energy. I was also aware that in the early forties we are destined to pass through our ’mid- life crisis’, some kind of deconstruction and reinvention that I was in the middle of, and was hoping for some guidance and explanation of what to expect and gain a deeper understanding as to how this was going to impact my life. 

The session was relaxed and very informative and I have since returned to the recording to digest more layers of the information.

I felt that I was reflected aspects of myself that I totally recognised, it was an affirming and clarifying process for me to receive Daphne’s wisdom and interpretations of what she sees as revealed in my chart.

Its has given me more confidence and trust in who I am, that I’m on the right track, and that things are unfolding exactly as they should be- and more clarity about what I’m ‘meant’ to be doing with my life.

I feel that I will return again and again to the reflections and insights offered to support me in future times of doubt or confusion.”

Emma Sampson – Artist, Devon, UK


for a deeply satisfying life 

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