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Create your temple with me

I am here to inspire and support you to create deep satisfaction in your life

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In my life I 've had to transform the foundation that I was given - the soil in which I was planted - in order to create the life that I wanted for myself. This process required me to realise and accept at some point that what I had been trying to create in my life from my original foundation could never satisfy me.

It was like trying to grow a garden in non-fertile soil: one can potentially succeed by using a lot of chemicals and machinery but the fruit of the plants will be tasteless, scentless and unsatisfactory. Many of us settle for quantity and speed over quality and substance because this is what our current culture is offering. Yet all I cared about was to feel deeply satisfied.

When I first realised this many years ago, I began by putting all of my efforts in trying to change our culture through my career. It didn't take me long to realise that I had to transform my personal culture, my personal soil.

Over the years I became very, very intimate with my “soil” or in other words, my soul. Through a journey that involved getting to know the energies within the four elements (earth, fire, water, air) - in my body - and how to harness the wisdom within their cyclical nature I restored the fertility of my soil and the awakening of my soul began; and I started to feel deeply fulfilled and satisfied; and there is no going back.


Now, I know from experience that we can live abundantly on all levels (not just on the surface) if we choose so. We do not need to compromise.


So how do we begin to restore the richness and fertility of our "soil" / soul? It is well known that the soul is nourished in the Temple. So we begin there, we create our personal temple, physically and metaphorically. This is a unique process for each one of us. Our temple can look like anything and it can be anywhere. It is a journey of discovery and wonderment.  We start small and simple and then expand from there.


Eventually you will be (metaphorically) taking your temple everywhere with you. You will not have to ever ever leave the temple regardless of what you do. This is what we mean when we say that everything is "sacred". It is; but our souls need to be awake - they need to have "flourished" using the plant metaphor - in order for us to have that experience in our bodies. And isn’t this the best experience we can give our bodies whilst we are here?

I will be delighted to accompany you on this journey. 


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