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Discover New Pathways with me

I am here to inspire and support you to create deeper satisfaction in your life

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Welcome to New Pathways, where astrology and coaching meet embodiment to help you find clarity, satisfaction, and fulfillment. New Pathways is the creation of Daphne Kourkounaki, a highly skilled and experienced astrologer, coach, and embodiment practitioner. With her unique combination of expertise, Daphne is dedicated to supporting people just like you to create meaningful change in their lives.


Do you feel lost or uncertain about your direction in life? Do you struggle with finding a sense of purpose or fulfillment? Are you looking to create a “new pathway” in any area of your life whether it’s work, relationships, income or living circumstances? Through the integration of astrology, coaching, and embodiment practices, Daphne will help you gain fresh perspective over your challenges, deeper understanding and integration of your unique strengths, and clarity over your life path, so you can make decisions with confidence.


I believe that everyone has the potential to live a rich and fulfilling life. My approach is tailored to meet your unique needs and I work together with you to co-create a plan that aligns with your deeper desires.

Daphne Kourkounaki was born and grew up in Crete, Greece.

At 18 years old she moved to England where she obtained a Masters' degree in Electrical Engineering followed by a postgraduate Masters' in Environmental and Energy Studies.

Her earlier career paths involved engineering, sustainability consultancy and career coaching.


She has been studying astrology during her spare time since she was a child whilst experimenting with offering readings to her friends and various people crossing her path. The positive feedback encouraged her to embrace astrology professionally and in 2017 she trained in channeling and sidereal astrology with her mentor Zuzanna Vee.


Daphne has also been exploring various forms of movement and dance since 2005. In 2013 her spiritual path evolved towards embodiment which enabled her to ‘look outside the box’ for new pathways for personal transformation and finding inner harmony. This new path enabled her to integrate all her gifts, skills and experience and to combine them in order to support people to do the same: to look outside the box in order to experience deeper fulfillment.

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