I Open Pathways

Working with me will open your life to new directions. I help you to trust your truth and to follow your innate creativity.

Our fears are sometimes a warning sign but sometimes they are not founded in reality and sometimes we simply do not recognise them - so we let them block our path. It makes life a lot easier to have someone with experience supporting you to navigate through your fears and to clear your path to personal fulfillment.

Since I was very young I had the desire and the innate talent for listening to people with compassion. I helped them look at their situations differently and broaden their perspective. People naturally came to me for advice.


I wanted to use my instinct for finding solutions and my love for designing new systems to make a positive difference in the world. I studied electrical engineering, followed by a masters in sustainability. My research led me to conclude that technological advancements alone are not enough. I saw that our culture needed to radically change at a much deeper level.


Humanity is going through a time of immense change. Old systems and previously reliable decision-making processes no longer support us. This impacts everyone at a personal level too. Perhaps you are finding that what used to work in your life no longer works and you need or want to make changes. Perhaps you are already moving in a new direction and you could do with support. I want to work with people who are ready to embrace change.


My ambition has never allowed me to stay within my comfort zone. Through many personal failures and successes I have learned to direct this ambition towards that which truly matters to me. For the last 10 years I have devoted my life to learning how to receive and give support in order to effectively manage periods of immense change (which is often unavoidable when we move towards what we want).   


My gift and passion is to help you make what you imagine for yourself possible; to become confident in navigating ‘the unknown’ by discerning and trusting in your own guidance. When your current circumstances no longer support you or fulfill you with my help you will build the foundations for a new life.


©2018 by Daphne Kourkounaki.